Why choose us?

Thank you so much for helping N with her s’s over the first few months of this year. The transformation is amazing. I watch her now and I have not seen her get one wrong in ages.
Mrs H says she is so much clearer and Granny agrees too!
I.W., Parent of 6 year old

Our experience with The Speech House has been an incredibly positive one. Their approach with L was spot on. They made her feel relaxed and gave her enthusiasm and confidence to try the many and varied speech therapy exercises provided each week. As parents we felt fully informed and involved throughout and we would like to thank them for their kindness, help and support.
J.C., Parent of 7 year old

When our three-and-a-half year old, S started nursery, he had a very limited vocabulary and barely spoke. Our school referred us to Claire Heslop who saw him on a weekly basis for 6 months and he now doesn’t stop talking! She really engaged him from the start and we saw improvements on a weekly basis. Claire was extremely thorough in her assessment of S and really kept us in the loop. S loved his child with any speech difficulties. I am so pleased that S to this help he so obviously needed.
D.C., Parent of 31⁄2 year old

I have known Claire Heslop for the past four years in her role as a Speech and Language Therapist. Her friendly, calm manner ensures that the children feel at ease and they always enjoy the sessions which are fun and purposeful. Claire’s willingness to liaise with the class teachers is very much appreciated. Discussions take place with staff to ensure that areas of concern in the classroom are addressed during her sessions and she is always happy to offer practical suggestions that can be implemented in school as well as at home. Claire is thoroughly professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Head of Home Farm, Pre-Prep Department, Elstree School

My son attended speech therapy at The Speech House with both Claire and Tania. He started therapy needing to alter his transposition of his ‘c’’s and ‘t’’s – saying tat instead of cat; the transposition of his ‘d’’s and ‘g’’s – saying gog instead of dog and rectifying a lisp. Within 18 months he no longer transposes any letters in his speech and his lisp has softened dramatically even after he lost his two front teeth. A thoroughly enjoyed his speech therapy – he loved the games and all the exercises we did at home were fun. A’s speech has dramatically improved as has his confidence and his reading has rapidly advanced as he now pronounces all the phonics correctly. I am amazed and delighted with the outcome and can thoroughly recommend speech therapy at The Speech House.
B.W., Parent of 7 year old