Where we work

Speech and language therapy skills are the building blocks for all areas of learning and the therapists at The Speech House are passionate about helping children develop to their full potential and we ensure we are available wherever you need us to be.


The Speech House offer therapy sessions in our bespoke clinic. This can be an advantage if we are not able to see your child in school, or if your child is easily distracted in their own home, or if there is not a suitable space for us to work with your child. It enables us to have all our resources to hand which is beneficial for you and your child.


Historically we provide therapy to clusters of children within their school settings. This enables us to meet with teachers and see school children within their day to day environment. Parents are always invited to come in for sessions if they would like to.


We can provide some sessions within a child’s home where we can gain a picture of your child in their natural communication environment. We can offer practical advice and
activities to help parents to develop their children’s language and communication skills. Many children benefit from home sessions during school holidays.